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In September 18, 2002, with the flourishing client of Great Asia in search of steel works fabrication and engineering services, Jermach Industrial Steel Company began to set in motion. 

For more than a decade of hardwork, Jermach Industrial Steel Company is now one of the recognized firms in steel work fabrication & erection industry, be it for residential, commercial or industrial necessities.

Jermach offers diversified services from simple cutting, bending, machining, pressing, shearing, punching and welding of metals up to extremely challenging coursework of designing, fabrication, assembly and installation of steel structures. 

With our team of highly qualified engineers & skilled professional employees, Jermach upholds the commitment of excellent quality service in addition to fulfilling customer’s needs.

  • Fabrication & Erection of all Kinds of Steel Structures 
  • Fabrication of Wide Flanges
  • Fabrication of Emergency Bridges
  • Fabrication & Erection of Warehouses
  • Fabrication of Crane Bridges
  • Fabrication of  H-Piles
  • Fabrication of Bridge Steel Box Girders
  • Supplier of General Hardware 
  • Supplier of Industrial & Electrical
  • Supplier of Pipes, Flanges, Fitting etc.